Navigating real estate markets, finding fair prices, researching finance options and other hurdles can be confusing, but having a real estate expert by your side can help you make informed decisions for your future. Enjoy your home hunt with full peace of mind and negotiate confidently with the help of a skilled, experienced real estate expert.

To help you find the perfect home and stay within your budget, real estate expert Dave Mitchell gives you helpful tips for buying a home at every step of the way.  Choosing a mortgage that works for your income and your price tag is essential, starting with your terms, rates and payment flexibility.  Typically, short term mortgages provide better rates and privilege pay options will allow you to pay off your mortgage sooner.  Forecasting your income and aligning your income schedule with your mortgage payments will help to reduce late payments and give you greater financial flexibility.

Call or email to get more tips on selecting and financing your new home.  See properties for sale in Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Keswick and other hospitable communities in Ontario, Canada, to start looking for your future home.

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