New Listings of Properties for Sale in Newmarket

Newmarket is located conveniently between Toronto and Barrie. Properties available for sale in Newmarket are newer and have larger square footage as compared to the houses available in Toronto and its suburbs. There are many different types of houses available for sale in various price ranges. With its great amenities yet high safety ratings, Newmarket […]


The Rich History and Heritage of Newmarket, Ontario

The beautiful town of Newmarket is full of history, charm, beauty and culture. Originally chosen by a Vermont Quaker, named Timothy Rogers, the town was founded in 1800 by forty American Quaker families. By 1853, the community began to grow rapidly due to the arrival of three railways: the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron. Originally a […]

Phase One of Newmarket’s Battle of Glenway Comes to an End

As of March 17, 2014, Phase 1 of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing has officially been underway to determine the fate of Newmarket’s Glenway land. Formerly the property of the Glenway Country Club golf course, both the residents of Glenway and the Town of Newmarket are thoroughly opposed to the aggressive plans that Marianneville […]