The Rich History and Heritage of Newmarket, Ontario


The beautiful town of Newmarket is full of history, charm, beauty and culture. Originally chosen by a Vermont Quaker, named Timothy Rogers, the town was founded in 1800 by forty American Quaker families. By 1853, the community began to grow rapidly due to the arrival of three railways: the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron. Originally a part of Whitchurch Township, Newmarket became an actual village in 1857, and eventually grew into a town by 1880.

Prosperity, innovation and invention came to the town of Newmarket in the twentieth century. The coming of electricity, vehicles and electric railways changed the daily life of the people in this quaint historic town. At that time, most people were employed by three distinct industries: Office Specialty, David Leather and Cane Woodenware, later known as Dixon Pencil.

Newmarket’s first settler was a man named Joseph Hill. In a small wooden building with two millstones, Joseph Hill would grind wheat, with which made his first bushel of flour during Christmas time in 1801. Hill, arriving in Newmarket under the leadership of Timothy Rogers of Vermont, also built and opened a small store in a location near what is now the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

There is much for modern day visitors and residents of Newmarket to see and enjoy. Embraced by its proud and rich history, the people of Newmarket and its tourists can revel in the sights and culture of Newmarket’s historic downtown area. Vibrant and busy, this area comes alive with people at work and at play. Known as a very prosperous area of the town both financially and culturally, there are a variety of activities that you can enjoy each and every day. Newmarket’s historic downtown area links to Fairy Lake and Holland River and thrives on the town’s sense of community. Regardless of whether you’re a resident, ex-pat or vacationer, you should not miss out on the happenings of Newmarket’s Historic Main Street.

Newmarket is also home to the Elman W. Campbell Museum, offering workshops and theme days that celebrate the life and history of this cherished town. The museum, located at 134 Main Street, also offers programs for Brownies, Girl Scouts and Wolf Clubs, and participates in a plethora other programs for local schools and residents of this tight-knit community.

Filled with scenic beauty and historic pride, there is no doubt that Newmarket is a wonderful place to live, regardless of whether you’re just starting your family or are looking to settle into retirement. Learn more about our incredible town here and call today to start exploring options in the area.

Written by Dave Mitchell

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