Top Tips for Buying a New Home in Newmarket


Dave Mitchell has been a popular realtor in Newmarket for many years. Home buying in Newmarket is one of the biggest financial commitments of your life. To ensure you are buying a reliable and liveable home an experienced realtor on your side can make all the difference. Dave Mitchell has been highly recommended by his previous clients.

To make your house buying process a smooth and easy transition one- below are some of the most important expert tips useful to home buyers.

  1. Be aware of your municipality codes and laws: Even though majority of laws are similar all over province, there are some differences in laws on the municipal level. It ensures that there are no surprises on the closing day. This is more important for those people who are moving from one city to other.
  2. Check your credit score: Your (and your partner credit score) is very important when buying a new home in Newmarket. This score determines the amount you will be pre-qualified for your future home buying purpose in Newmarket. Also, this score plays a deciding role about your interest rate when you are finalizing your mortgage deal. Dave Mitchell has helped people with great and good band bad credit scores buy homes in Newmarket. The credit score ranges from 800-150. Anything above 740 is considered an “excellent” credit score. Credit score ranging in 700s are considered good and credit score in 600s are considered fair for lending purposes.
  3. Getting a pre-approval from your preferred lender: Dave always advises his clients to shop around for mortgage rates. This allows you to explore the market and various options and flexibility offered by different institutions. Dave Is also here to help you answer any mortgage related questions. After you have selected a lender, it is very important to get a pre-approval from them. This has two benefits; firstly it helps you filter your house search as per your monthly budget. Secondly, when you are putting an offer on the house the seller gets to know you are already approved for certain amount and you have to the ability to quickly close the deal. This makes your offer on any property stronger and reliable in the eyes of the seller.
  4. Hiring a reliable realtor: House hunting can be an exhausting task. A realtor has special access to detailed MLS listings which has private information about listed properties. This information is only available to registered realtors. Dave Mitchell will also email you and share listing of houses in Newmarket. These listings will only contain house listings closely matches your home buying criteria.Dave will also help you differentiate between the essential features and good to have features in your new home. This is a very important planning step! Dave has helped his clients save a lot of money by helping them make a practical and relevant choice as per their lifestyles.
  5. Physical inspections of the house which everyone likes: after looking at many online listings, there comes a time when you actually attend open houses or go to pre-arranged private viewing of the house. Dave Mitchell will be with you and help you inspect the house with an experienced eye. He has been a realtor for over 20 years. He has a learned and professional opinion developed after being in the industry for decades. He can tell you if the house has a sound and stable structure and there are no major improvement needed in a prelove house.

These are some of the more relevant tips which will be useful for every home buyer in Newmarket. Home buying in Newmarket involves many steps and Dave can help you navigate through this process easily. Dave Mitchell has helped many new and seasoned home buyers settle into their dream homes in Newmarket. For more information about listings and rates call Dave Mitchell today!

Written by Dave Mitchell

Dave Mitchell

Dave Mitchell is passionate about selling real estate in the Newmarket, Aurora and Keswick areas of Toronto, Canada.

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